Breathing Difficulties: Causes and When to Get Help

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Breathing difficulties can happen to anyone -- elderly, adults or even children. Constant or sudden feeling of discomfort when breathing indicates that you are experiencing breathing difficulties. The feeling is described as if you can hardly do a complete breath or shortness of breath. Breathing difficulties is included as a symptom of many health conditions -- varying from mild or severe. Mild breathing difficulties may happen to a person after a workout or when they feel anxious or stressed which usually cause fatigue. More severe breathing difficulties usually appear with frequent episodes or sudden and intense shortness of breath that may indicate a medical condition, so it is necessary to work out the cause and see your doctor. 

Health conditions that can cause breathing difficulties 

There are various roots of health conditions that may possibly cause breathing difficulties : 

  • Cold or flu. It is not unfamiliar that people with cold or flu experience difficulty breathing. The symptoms, such as stuffy nose, sore throat and inflamed airways, can make breathing especially difficult. 
  • Anxiety. A person may feel on edge and anxious where their heart is pounding, feeling fatigue while having difficulty concentrating which can cause their breathing troubles. - Asthma. Known to be a chronic lung disease, asthma can flare from time to time because of a trigger. People with asthma have very sensitive lungs and often have difficulty breathing. 
  • Choking. When it occurs, the object inhaled gets stuck in a person’s throat blocking their airway. Choking can be life-threatening if the object remains in their throat causing them unable to breathe. 
  • Other chronic lung and heart diseases. A lot of chronic lung and heart diseases occur with symptoms like chest pain which can worsen a person’s shortness of breath overtime. 

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Are you at risk for breathing difficulties? 

If you have health conditions such as constant stress or anxiety, allergies, chronic lung or heart condition, obesity, you are at a greater risk for having breathing problems. Shortness of breath can also happen when you are at high altitudes, especially after intense exercise or sport, or when you experience a drastic change in temperature. 

When to get help? 

More serious and severe symptoms require immediate medical attention. Your health condition needs to be underlined and diagnosed by a doctor based on how long the problem has been occurring, whether it’s mild or intense, and what physical activities you’ve done recently. More severe diagnosis may need tests such as blood test, chest x-ray, CT scan, ECG or EKG. Besides physical tests and other numerous tests, your doctor may also want you to perform exercise testing. 

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