Breathing Exercise To Sleep Better

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After a long restless day, all that you plan on doing when you get home is to lie down in your bed and sleep all your tiredness away. For many people, it is not as simple. A lot of people are struggling with insomnia. Bedtime becomes laying in bed, staring at the ceiling for hours even though you are begging to fall asleep. Your body says one thing, your mind says another thing--your sleeping problem becomes your worst enemy. 

It can be stressful at times to suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia. But what can you do to combat it? Breathing exercises for sleep can help you cope with problems falling asleep and help you drift off to dreamland much easier. There are different breathing exercises for sleep you can do, such as:

  • 4-7-8 Breathing
  • Various yogic breathing
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Three-part breathing
  • Box breathing
  • The Papworth breathing

Those breathing exercises for sleep not only give you the relaxation your body and mind need to get into relaxation, but they also strengthen your breathing muscles, or well known as the diaphragm. Breathing exercises are also simple to do. Practicing breathing exercises for sleep can provide you calmness when your breathing becomes more rapid and faster when you are trying to sleep. Besides doing a regular breathing exercise, getting yourself a help by using a breathing exercise device is the smartest choice to resolve your sleeping problems. 

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How does a breathing exercise device help you achieve a better quality of sleep?

Essentially, our WellO2 device will help you maximize your breathing exercise. When you regularly use the WellO2 breathing device, the oxygen saturation in your blood can increase--resulting in your body relieving the tension and stress and it will help you sleep much better at night. 

WellO2 breathing device mainly uses steam to loosen up your body make it easier to sleep at night. You will start to feel much better and get the relaxation and calmness your body and mind need to fall asleep. Breathing exercise for sleep can go hand in hand with the device.

Sometimes, sleeplessness is not only caused by a racing mind, but sleep apnea can be another reason. If you struggle with sleep apnea, you might have weak breathing muscles. With WellO2, the steam from the device will activate and strengthen your respiratory muscles that train both your inspiratory and expiratory muscles independently which reduces short breathing and sleep apnea. The resistance this device creates, helps sufferers to have a better and restful sleep at night from developing a stronger diaphragm and other inspiratory muscles. This device can be used to support breathing exercise for sleep. 

Improved quality of sleep can be achieved more easily with the use of a breathing device. The device plays a critical role in helping improve your sleep and reach overall health and well-being in the long run. Improve your health by getting the best and latest breathing exercise method by joining our WellO2 Australia Breathing Club for free!

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