Breathing Exercises to Help Breathing Problems

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Anyone can increase their lung capacity and improve their lungs’ efficiency. Reduced lung capacity means their capacity is limited causing shortness of breath and other breathing problems. The body swiftly functions when the lungs allow essential oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. 

There are other aspects that can reduce the efficiency of how lungs work -- such as age factor, smoking habits, and air pollution. Restricted lungs’ capacity may be due to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To prevent various breathing problems, a person can practice breathing exercises that can help reduce shortness of breath caused by limited lung function. 

When do they work? 

Keeping the lungs strong by breathing exercises is recommended by pulmonologists, especially for people with asthma and COPD. A person should start practicing breathing exercises when they feel that their lungs are healthy. This is done to strengthen the lungs and can be practiced whenever they feel shortness of breath. 

Lung capacity can be increased by practicing deep breathing exercises. The way deep breathing works is that it helps clear out mucus in the lungs or bronchial tube -- specifically after experiencing pneumonia, so air circulation is allowed more freely. 

Practicing a breathing exercise is not difficult. You can do it by taking a deep breath 5-10 times, then cough strongly for a couple of times. Repeat the steps for a few more times. 

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Breathing Exercises 

There are various breathing exercises recommended to help improve lung capacity, reduce stress, maintain health and prevent health issues. 

Here is a list of breathing exercises : 

Pursed lip breathing. With this method, the air circulating in and out of the lungs becomes easier because the airways are open for a longer period of time. The steps of pursed lip breathing are as follows: 

- Sit up straight maintaining good posture to promote lung movement 

- Inhale deeply through the nose slowly and in a controlled fashion 

- Purse the lips, they should be almost touching 

- Exhale through pursed lips with a period of time twice longer than inhaling 

Belly breathing. Expanding and contracting rate of the lungs is promoted by doing belly breathing exercise. This exercise especially focuses on gaining strength of the diaphragm muscle that allows a person to take a deep breath. How to do it: 

- Place one hand on your stomach 

- Inhale slowly through the nose, and notice your stomach rising in the process - Exhale through the mouth 

- Inhale slowly and deeper trying to get the stomach to rise higher than before

- Exhale while maintaining exhalation two or three times longer than inhalation - Repeat the steps 

Interval Training. This is a steady alternative to an intense exercise which includes alternating between short periods of strenuous and less strenuous exercise. 

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