Breathing Practices to Clear Blocked Nose

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People that are experiencing colds, allergies, and other respiratory conditions might have blocked nose as one of their symptoms. A blocked nose will usually clear up by taking a certain medicine or if you are lucky, by itself, but if it seems to be causing constant breathing difficulties, then there are different ways that can help you to relieve it. 

Practicing breathing exercise regularly can help relieve your breathing difficulties that are caused by a blocked nose. A blocked nose is caused by the build-up of mucus in the airways, spesifically in your nasal passage. 

A blocked nose will cause a reduction of carbon dioxide, which can ultimately constrict your nose to inhale air. Many people will inhale through their mouth which should be avoided because you will be left with the feeling of dizziness due to the lack of oxygen, also mucus production will be increased--which will generate airways constriction and worsen nose blockage

A few of the nostril functions are to filter out dust pollens and allergens, humidify the air to keep it moist, keep the air warmer to prevent cold air that can irritate the airways, and sterilizing air to kill bacteria and viruses that conclusively help prevent breathing problems. 

When you are experiencing a blocked nose, the following steps can be performed to overcome it:

  • Sit in a vertical position and take a few deep calm breaths 
  • Try your best to inhale through the nose for around 2 seconds and then exhale through for approximately 3 seconds. If you are unable to breathe in through the nose, then you can take deep small breaths from the corner of your mouth instead. 
  • Lightly pinch your nose while keeping your mouth closed and nod your head while you are holding your breath for a short second.
  • Ensure yourself to breathe in through your nose as long as you can. keep yourself calm as you breathe in the air.
  • Wait a couple of minutes before repeating the exercise and keep doing it until your nose is unblocked

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How WellO2 Helps Resolve Blocked Nose

Breathing exercise practice is a straightforward way to fight off breathing difficulties. You can simply perform breathing practice at any time and anywhere. To facilitate your breathing practice, a breathing exercise device by WellO2 can be the perfect aid to help you breathe better. 

When you inhale the warm steam the device produces, the nasal passages will be encouraged to widen as you hold your breath. Inhale and exhale the warm steam gradually and it will eventually prevent nose blockage from happening. When a blocked nose is not relieved by doing simple breathing exercises, warm steam from Wello2’s device can help you open up your nasal passages. 

Breathing difficulties can be a hassle in your daily life. But you should not worry anymore, once you get your hands on the WellO2’s breathing device, you will go on about your day without any breathing problems affecting your life. 

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