Breathing Technique To Stabilize Your Voice

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It seems strange and hard to believe about the possibility that we breathe in the wrong way--but it is actually possible. Breathing technique for singing can adequately improve the competence of vocal performance. Thus, it is one of the most common goals for singers to learn to breathe correctly while singing. 

Essentially, proper breathing technique can help singers improve their overall vocal performance. Singers can use their voice more optimally when they understand how to optimize their breathing. 

Why do singers need proper breathing?

Phonation is a process that results in singing, a system to resist air when vocal cords come together. This process involves a vibration that is caused by air that passes through vocal folds in the larynx. The type of sounds singers produce can be changed by increasing and decreasing the tension in their vocal folds, also the amount of air passing through them which is why breathing is essential for singing. Improve the way to breathe allows a singer to have more control over their voice.  

How WellO2’s Innovative Device Can Stabilize Your Voice?

There are numbers of helpful breathing method for singers. Exploring different breathing technique can help singers find what they think fit for their voice. Inhaling warm steam from a breathing exercise device is one of so many ways to implement the right method of breathing technique singers use to stabilize their breathing. WellO2 is an innovative device to support your breathing that is designed to stabilize and improve the way you use your voice. This device can be used freely for individuals with a healthy voice as well as those who have voice changes from neuromuscular disease. 

Do you want to Breathe Better?

WellO2 can help your strengthen your lungs! Good investments starts with one breath at a time.

WellO2 device is developed with safe technology that combines resisted exhaling and inhaling with vapor. Resisted exhaling eventually allows warm vapor to deeply penetrate the airways causing it to open up.  When this process is done, it strengthens breathing organs--allowing you to breathe deeply and easily. 

When you are able to breathe deeper, more oxygen is inhaled into your lungs and transferred to the muscles in your vocal cords that lead to better voice condition. When inhaling, the warm vapor from the device can soothe the mucus membranes, detaching accumulated mucus, clearing the airways. With clear airways, voice stability and health are achieved easier. 

Essentially, this device supports stronger muscles by clearing out the respiratory tract including the vocal cords, abdominal muscles, letting you have a more powerful voice both for talking as well as singing as oxygen flows better. 

Singers may despise the painful effects of dry vocal cords before, during, or after a performance due to dry air condition. With the WellO2 device, you have easier access to achieve a stronger and more powerful voice.

Create daily breathing exercise that can result in a better lifestyle and eventually assist to stabilize your voice. Join our WellO2 breathing club if interested to be updated with our promotions and upcoming events. Experience an amazing solution for your voice concerns and problems with the WellO2 breathing exercise device 

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