Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress

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At times, you simply cannot avoid but to deal with stress -- whether it is because of school, work, or other daily life problems. There are different ways for people to relax and reduce tension. Sometimes, people find sitting on the couch and zoning out by watching television as a form of relaxation. 

Although that is rightfully considered a form of relaxation, it does little to none to reduce stress. Activating your body’s natural relaxation response is the most essential way to bring your body back into balance by allowing your body to have a deep rest, giving your body a break from stress, slowing down your heart rate, and lowering your blood pressure. 

Breathing Techniques For Mind & Body Relaxation

You can discover many breathing techniques by doing different breathing exercises for stress, meditation, yoga, tai chi, or rhythmic exercise. Most breathing exercises can be done on your own, anywhere and anytime with the aid of background audio or an affordable smartphone app that you can easily find.

Most of the time, people need different breathing techniques to reduce their stress and achieve a relaxed state of mind. There is no single breathing technique that always works for everyone. 

Choose a breathing technique that resonates with you, and is suitable for your lifestyle, it will allow you to give your mind the focus it needs. Finding a breathing technique that suits you comes with trials and errors. Once you find the right one, it is highly recommended to practice it regularly. 

Regular practice of breathing techniques can help reduce daily stress and anxiety, improve your quality of sleep, stimulate your energy and mood, and improve your immune system to achieve your overall health and wellbeing. 

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Below are three breathing techniques that can help reduce your stress and anxiety:

  • Deep breathing

Deep breathing is considered a very simple but powerful relaxation technique that can develop a quick way to get your stress level in check. This breathing technique can be combined with other techniques and elements, such as aromatherapy and background music. Deep breathing only needs a few minutes of your day and a comfortable place to sit or stretch out. 

  • Progressive muscle relaxation

With progressive muscle relaxation, you will reduce the tension of your body and allow different muscle groups in your body to relax. The more often you do this technique, your body will be more familiar the tension in different parts of your body. This eventually helps you react to the beginning signs of muscular tension that are related to stress. Your body will ultimately relax and so will your mind.

  • Massage

A professional massage or spa is known to be relaxing and beneficial to the body, such as relieving pain, reducing stress, and easing muscle tension -- although it takes time and money. You can experience the same benefits at home or work by practicing an easy massage on your own in between tasks or at the end of a busy day.

A combination of breathing techniques and breathing device can increase your chance of relaxation and overall well being. Both are vital components to help you practice breathing exercises for stress

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