Easy Breathing Techniques To Improve Your Health

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When it comes to pulmonary disease, respiratory therapy is one of the ways to treat it. Deep The right breathing technique can have a thorough effect on your state of mind as well as increasing meditation practice quality. There are endless techniques you can practice at home including breathing exercises to reduce stress, increase energy, and simply for relaxation. Breathing exercises mostly involve deep breathing and counting for a specific time repeatedly (breath cycles) to reach a certain goal. 

Here are 4 breathing techniques you can do at home:

Pursed Lip Breathing

Practicing this technique can reduce the number of breaths you take and open your airways longer, thus enabling more air to flow in and out of your lungs easily, resulting in more oxygen to enter the body. To practice this technique, simply inhale and exhale through the mouth with pursed lips. Make the exhaling process twice longer than the inhale. This technique can strengthen the lungs to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting lung health issues.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Stress reduction, anxiety relief, and enhanced lung condition can be achieved by practicing diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing works the muscles in your belly to enable a deeper breath. This technique, or commonly known as belly breathing, is also a part of a pulmonary rehabilitation program that can help keep the lungs stronger. It is best to do it by lying down. 

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Mindful Breathing 

Focusing on the natural rhythm of breathing is the main target of this method. This technique calls you to fully concentrate on breathing while trying to focus as a form of meditation. Naturally, breathing will slow down and get deeper. To perform this technique, it is best to do it in a quiet place without distractions, find a comfortable position, focus on breathing by feeling and listening to the inhale and exhalation process, and allowing thoughts to pass through relaxedly.

Box Breathing

To reduce extreme stress, box breathing is very beneficial. Box breathing is a deep breathing exercise, proven to calm and regulate the autonomic nervous system. Practicing this technique can calm your breathing and stimulate feelings of calmness through the body. Inhale for a count of four, feel the air as it fills the lungs, exhale slowly through the mouth, feel the air empty the lungs, wait for a count of four before you start the next breathing cycle.

There are countless more techniques you can learn and try practicing at home during times of stress or you simply just want to relax. With support from WellO2 breathing training device, breathing exercise will become easier, it can improve your performance in sports, also strengthen your lungs strength. Contact us for more information or book our innovative device from our website. 

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