Fun & Simple Breathing Exercises For Kids

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If you are thinking to encourage youngsters to engage in calming exercises, you need to find a way to make it simple and fun to do. Breathing exercises for kids can begin with the easiest strategy--which is deep breathing. Deep breathing sends a signal to your brain to calm down. This signal is the fastest way to bring your body back to neutral. You might not know this until now, but deep breathing is one of the most common breathing exercises for kids. 

There are several strategies for deep breathing, such as:

Deep Belly Breathing

To breathe deeply with the stomach, the key is to make sure that the kids are relaxed. Then, put their hand on the stomach. Deep breathing is done through the nose and trying to hold it for 3 seconds. Then, breathe it out for another 3 seconds. 

Dragon Breathing 

The second strategy for breathing exercises for kids is called dragon breathing. This strategy is a fun way to come up with a simple craft while explaining to your kids the effectiveness of deep breathing techniques. 

Once the craft is created, you can proceed to practice calming breaths with the kids. Use the same pattern as belly breathing ask them to count to three or you can do it with them and start breathing in through your nose. After that, breathe it out for three counts, as well. 

Flower Breathing

To do flower breathing, you can ask your kids to pretend there is a flower. Ask them to put their nose up to the object and teach them to start breathing in deeply through their nose. Then, teach them to act as if they are smelling the flower and hold the breath in. Breathe out slowly so that the flower is not disturbed. 

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How WellO2’s Device Facilitates Your Kids’ Breathing Exercises 

If you want to teach your kids how to do perform deep breathing, you should make it fun and make it as easy as possible so they will not look at it as a burdening task but as a fun bonding time you can do together. Not only you can try some strategies above, but technology has also come into the picture in bringing the ultimate device you need and that is WellO2 breathing exercise device. 

Practicing breathing exercises can be sustained through the help of a breathing exercise device. The way WellO2 breathing exercise device work is by providing warm steam for you to inhale and exhale continually until your symptoms are reduced. By using this device, your airways are opened up, which then clears out mucus--eventually helping you breathe more easily.  

WellO2 can help your kids breathe more easily and also alleviate a variety of breathing problems. The device helps to create resistance when you breathe in, strengthens your respiratory muscle, creating deeper and more powerful breaths. 

WellO2 breathing exercise device is designed portable and compact making it easier to be used anytime anywhere without a hassle to help regain breathing power and quality of life. Not only will your kids have an easier way to practice breathing techniques, but you also make their lifestyle so much better.

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