How to Boost Endurance in Sports Effectively

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Whether you are an athlete or just someone that enjoys doing sports, the ability to perform and excel is one of the most essential things. In doing sports, endurance is needed to power through to sustain prolonged exercise for a long period of time. The term “endurance” is commonly used in sports. To support sustainable physical activity, endurance is required so that the respiratory and circulatory systems are able to supply energy which eventually results in working muscles. 

While doing sports, or aerobic exercise, oxygen is used in order to supply the energy needed for as long as they are required. Converting food to energy, your body converts nutrients for aerobic metabolism and anaerobic metabolism. Generally, endurance training can help in focusing to improve stamina and aerobic fitness or cardiovascular fitness. Those exercises will be more beneficial if added to the workout routine to be able to push someone’s ability to play sports at a higher level. 

There are so many ways to boost someone’s aerobic endurance, as well as its frequency, duration, and intensity of each type of training. Great exercises that are helpful to boost endurance, such as walking, biking, running, and swimming. Running or biking can improve one’s heart and lung capacity and build higher physical strength at the same time. Combining various types of endurance training in your workout routine can help someone maximize their endurance. 

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Below is a list of leading endurance training to boost endurance in sports effectively:

  • Pace or tempo training. This training includes steady walking but appropriately high intensity that lasts for a shorter duration, varying from 20 to 30 minutes at a steady pace.
  • Long, slow distance training. This is the most common type of endurance training and the basic for people that do marathon, long-distance biking or cycling, and other sustained steady energy outputs. This training is well-known to be the easiest type of endurance training for beginner or newcomer exercisers. 
  • Interval training. Even though this training consists of intense physical activity, it is done in short period of time repeatedly. Usually lasts 2 to 5 minutes with short rest periods, a great combination in resistance activities along with short flares of cardio.
  • Circuit training. Specific exercises practiced for a short period of time and switched through with almost no rest in between. This training consists of both strength and endurance while can be customized to meet an athlete's goal. 
  • Fartlek training. This adds short bursts of more intense activity with no set plan while combining some or all training methods with a long, moderate training duration. 
  • Strength training. This training is performed in sessions once a week to help boost your endurance with 30 to 40 minutes of resistance exercise duration per week. 

Aside from routine endurance training, athletes can push themselves harder in doing what they love by using a breathing exercise device. 

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