How To Gain Control Over Asthma

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One of the most common medical conditions that people experience is asthma. asthma is an illness that induces inflammation in your airway system to your lungs. Asthma symptoms include breathing difficulties, which generate other symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest pain. Doctors may give you prescriptions for medication to make the symptoms more manageable since asthma is not uncured, hence the breathing difficulties. 

The immunity and respiratory muscles of people with asthma can be boosted by performing breathing exercises continually as well as improving their quality of life. Moreover, breathing exercises help shallow breathing at a controlled rate that can ease breathing difficulties while minimizing the need for using medications. 

The following breathing exercises are recommended for people that are coping with asthma attacks:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

A breathing technique that strengthens your diaphragm, respiratory muscle, which escalates air distribution in your lungs

2. Nasal breathing

Simply known as breathing through the nose that adds moisture and warmth to the air which can alleviate breathing difficulties and discomfort

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3. Pursed lip breathing

An effective breathing exercise to inhale and exhale more air powerfully making breathing easier through the nose instead of through the mouth (which is linked to severe asthma symptoms)

4. Yoga

There are tons of benefits of yoga including reducing asthma flare-ups and attacks by practicing the postures while focusing on deep breathing exercises. 

5. Progressive relaxation technique

This technique works to relax all the muscles in your body, including respiratory muscles. When you inhale, muscles are tightened up and when you exhale, they are more relaxed. 

Once you learn and take a grasp about practicing these breathing exercises for asthma daily, you may be able to gain more control over asthma symptoms and might also reduce the attacks, eventually reducing the need for you to heavily rely on asthma medications. 

How WellO2's Device Helps Relieve Your Asthma

Practicing breathing exercises can be sustained through the help of a breathing exercise device. The way that a WellO2’s device works is by providing warm steam for you to inhale and exhale continually until your symptoms are reduced. By using this device, your airways are opened up, eventually helping you breathe more easily.  

Our device works by creating resistance when you breathe air into your lungs. This device strengthens your respiratory muscle, creating deeper and more powerful breaths by making your respiratory muscle properly, also easily preventing asthma attacks and possible shortness of breath. 

WellO2 breathing exercise device is designed as portable and compact, making it easier to be used anytime and anywhere without a hassle to restore your breathing power and quality of life. Not only fitness level is increased, but asthma symptoms are also more manageable with this device. 

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