How To Improve Oxygen Uptake

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Expanding your chest when you breathe is not the most optimal way to fully fill the lungs with air. At the same time, it is just not how your body is designed to inhale air. The muscle beneath your lungs, commonly known as diaphragm, is especially designated to expand the lungs and let air flow into them. Breathing through diaphragm is very efficient and effective in inhaling air to fill up your lungs. 

Why Proper Breathing Technique Is Necessary?

Deep relaxation can be achieved by doing a proper breathing technique--where you inhale the air through your nose and let your body feel the air to fill your lungs and help you relax. If you work out regularly, it is best to squeeze in a few moments before and after each workout to sit calmly and practice the way you breathe by using your nose and diaphragm. 

When you breathe properly, you also set the right frame of mind. During your workout, it is also recommended to keep remembering how to breathe with the diaphragm and come back to it if you start breathing incorrectly. 

The way you exhale air is as essential as how you inhale. Breathing technique helps you focus on your breathing, both inhale and exhale, which can be a breathing aid when you perform a hard workout or other physical activities. When you have customarily developed a habit of breathing with your diaphragm, you will inhale and exhale more easily. 

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How can a breathing exercise device improve oxygen uptake?

WellO2’s breathing exercise device is built with revolutionary technology that involves warm steam. When you consistently breathe in the warm steam our device provides, it helps moisturize and give warmth to your airways resulting in more mucous liquid that is easy to cough out so it prevents congestion. 

Having a clear airway can also minimize the risk of contracting infections from different respiratory issues which can specifically be significant during the flu season. The steam breathing that our device provides can help relieve possible airway inflammation, likely prompted by air contamination including dust, polluted air, indoor air impurity, or even dry and cold air. 

Breathing practice with the help of a breathing exercise device can essentially protect the muscles in your abdomen and respiratory system that are used to inhale as much oxygen as you need into your lungs. 

Moreover, practicing this technique has been proven to effectively improve breathing endurance and strength which means more oxygen uptake. This can reduce the shortness of breath people can experience once in a while, especially people with respiratory diseases. Breathing becomes easier and more satisfying, the risk of getting sick becomes lower. 

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