How To Strengthen Damaged Lungs

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Most people desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Although it is important, you may rarely think about how to maintain and protect your healthy lungs. Your lungs have a capacity which holds the total amount of air that your lungs can take. The truth is, as time goes by, the capacity of your lungs will decrease and lung function will deteriorate over time. They can lose their flexibility and strength which make it harder to breathe

Healthy lungs have a better capacity to uptake oxygen than those with respiratory problems. Respiratory disease has become the third leading cause of death worldwide. Some respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can relatively fasten these declines in lung capacity and function--which eventually lead to difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. 

When you adopt healthy lifestyle habits, it will be easier for you to maintain healthy lungs and keep them working optimally as you age. 

Below are a few tips to sustain a healthy or improve damaged lungs.

  1. Avoid smoking or quit smoking
  2. Routinely exercise
  3. Avoid air impurity

  4. Do you want to Breathe Better?

    WellO2 can help your strengthen your lungs! Good investments starts with one breath at a time.

How Can WellO2 Breathing Exercise Device Help You Improve Damaged Lungs?

Lung complications that occur from respiratory diseases can lead to long-term damage. Heart health can be improved by doing regular cardio exercise. Meanwhile, the health of your lungs can be improved by doing breathing exercises. WellO2 provides a breathing exercise device that can help your lungs function more effectively and efficiently. WellO2 device trains muscles that do the work of breathing to become stronger and vigorous and therefore may be beneficial to help you recover from respiratory issues. 

Our innovative device is simple and straightforward to use at home. You just simply need to adjust the temperature and resistance to what suits you best. Then, you need to take a deep breath and slowly breathe out into the mouthpiece for approximately 15 seconds and repeat these steps three more times. 

When you inhale through the mouthpiece, warm water vapor will be generated by the device. Repeat each cycle for 5 up to 15 times according to how you’re feeling. With this regular cycle of breathing exercise, this device helps you moisten your upper airways and may also combat irritation, inflammation, and congestion in your airways.

Everybody can benefit from this device. This device helps strengthen your breathing muscles to gain healthy or improved damaged lungs. The stronger your breathing muscles are, the easier and deeper you breathe resulting in an effective intake of the large amount of oxygen you need. It provides your body with the amount of oxygen it needs to eventually function properly and also alleviates the risk of getting sick, especially contracting respiratory issues.  With the WellO2 device, healthy lungs are possible.

You can incorporate these habits daily, by using breathing exercise device which can enhance breathing muscle strength and longevity to improve damaged lungs. Connect with us and join our Australia breathing club for free anytime you want. 

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