Proper Breathing : Are You Doing It Right?

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One of the most natural things humans do all the time is breathing. No one actually thinks too much of it. As a matter of fact, there is a better way to inhale oxygen into your lungs through the respiratory system. You might not know that you are not doing it the right way There are ways to follow to reach the proper breathing and to inhale the oxygen you need efficiently. By practicing breathing exercise regularly, the routine can be helpful in that regard. 

When you breathe, your lungs will expand and suck the air in through the nose or mouth down to your respiratory system and into your lungs. Breathing exercise can improve lung capacity and strengthen it, not only for normal people with healthy lungs but also for people after undergoing surgery or as a way to handle a chronic respiratory condition. This means that it can eventually increase lung function. 

There is nothing better than to maintain your health and fitness through living a healthy lifestyle. Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be done by regularly exercising and eating healthy for a balanced diet which can greatly help your lungs to function well. For people with respiratory problems or diseases, experts recommend breathing exercise to help relax and reach calmness to avoid hyperventilation. 

Breathing practice can be supported by using a device. Breathing device from WellO2 has numerous features that will help you reach greater lung capacity and improved airflow. Our devices are used worldwide and well known for improving respiratory muscle strength, stamina, and decreasing shortness of breath. 

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How Does WellO2 Support Proper Breathing?

If you have breathing diseases or respiratory problems, for example asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may have to work harder because extra energy is usually needed to help you breathe. Proper breathing through the nose and stomach is specifically important for people with these certain conditions.

Breathing through the nose and stomach can efficiently help you breathe, in a way breathing through your chest cannot. It’s clear that the muscle you use to breathe in, engages most of the work of breathing. That is where a breathing exercise comes in handy--to increase your strength, power, and endurance.

The warm steam that WellO2 device provides, helps open and purifies the airways to counter pressure breathing and improves the airflow which ease how you breathe. It supports the breathing muscles to pump air in and out of your lungs with greater energy and capacity. Making a good use of this device basically will reduce mucus in the lungs and drain it from your nose to lessen difficulty breathing such as shortness of breath. 

WellO2 breathing device especially targets breathing muscles and provides more than enough catalyst to draw out the strength, power, and endurance we need in order to breathe properly. The stronger your respiratory muscle is, the greater your lung capacity, and the better your breathing can be.

Reach the maximum of your respiratory health by doing breathing exercise regularly. Improve your breathing to keep your health more regulated, ensure that you’re breathing properly and improve your overall health. If interested, be one of us and join WellO2 breathing club for free!

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