Recognize The Most Common Cause of Shortness of Breath

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Shortness of breath or also known as dyspnea can happen when you are physically active or when you are lying flat. When you are unable to get nearly enough air you need into your lungs, you might start having breathing difficulties. This might indicate an underlying health problem. Other symptoms, such as cough and fever -- may also be present during the time you are experiencing shortness of breath. You may also feel as though you are unable to catch your breath -- which can lead to excessive rapid breathing and hyperventilation. Symptoms of shortness of breath or dyspnea may include: 

- Suffocation, tightness, and smothering in chest 

- Anxiousness and heart palpitations 

- Chest pain 

- Cough 

- Fever 

- Dizziness that may cause fainting 

- Fatigue 

Healthy people with normal levels of oxygen may experience dyspnea. Dyspnea occurrence can happen continuously or suddenly. Severe symptoms that happen suddenly might be a sign of a possible medical condition. 

Despite the fact that having shortness of breath and its symptoms can relate to a health condition -- this is not always the case. Shortness of breath can occur after doing an intense workout, travelling to high altitude, or undergoing a change of temperature. Dyspnea is related to health problems and serious health issues. The symptoms can be triggered by being out of shape and improved by doing physical exercises. 

The most common causes of dyspnea are: 

- Asthma 

- Heart failure 

- Interstitial lung disease 

- COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 

- Pneumonia 

- Metaphysical problems that are usually associated with anxiety 

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If shortness of breath develops suddenly, it is called an acute case of dyspnea. Acute dyspnea typically occurs in people with a terminal illness. Additionally, it could be due to asthma, anxiety, pneumonia, blocked breathing passage ways caused by choking or inhaling something, allergic reactions, blood loss or anemia, heart failure, hypotension, or having concerning level of carbon monoxide, collapsed lung, hernia, or also pulmonary embolism. 

On the other hand, chronic dyspnea is caused by asthma, COPD, heart issues, obesity, or pulmonary fibrosis. 

Many heart issues have also been linked to cause shortness of breath, such as cardiomyopathy, problem of heart rhythm, heart failure, or pericarditis. Not only heart problems, shortness of breath may also occur because of these following lung conditions:

- Croup 

- Lung cancer 

- Lung injury 

- Tuberculosis 

- Lung tissue inflammation or pleurisy 

- Pulmonary edema 

- Pulmonary hypertension 

- Sarcoidosis or inflamed cells that grow in the lungs. 

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