Simple Breathing Exercises That Can Lower Blood Pressure

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Above normal high blood pressure, or usually defined as hypertension, can increase stronger force of blood against your blood vessel walls. People that have a history of hypertension in the family, are older, or are from African-American or Hispanic American descent have greater risk to inherit the illness. Apart from those reasons, people with obesity also have a high risk for hypertension. Therefore, being smart about what you eat with improving nutrition intake and becoming physically active with doing routine work out can help with losing weight and reduce the risk of getting diabetes and high cholesterol. High blood pressure is also caused by stress. So take better caution to manage stress to keep blood pressure at a normal level. 

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Those illnesses and conditions that can increase your risk to get hypertension can be managed with taking prescribed medications to lower blood pressure. Aside from prescribed medications, breathing exercises are proven to be effective to positively affect blood pressure. As one of stress management techniques, slow breathing is a technique that can lower blood pressure, boost mental relaxation, along with managing heart rate and breathing rate. Below is a list of breathing exercise examples to help you manage your blood pressure :

  • Deep Breathing. One of the simplest breathing techniques there is! It is practiced by taking long and deep breaths while you are in a comfortable lying or sitting position that helps you focus on your stomach rising and falling.
  • Controlled Equal Breathing. With this technique, you control your breathing by counting as you inhale, the same amount of time as when you exhale. Start inhaling and counting to four, then slowly exhale while counting to four. Repeat this step a few more times. The more you get used to it, you can increase the length of time you count for each breath. 
  • Breath Focus. While every breath exercise needs focus, this specific technique has you imagining peacefulness as you inhale and then exhale while imagining yourself releasing tension at the same time. Try using encouraging phrases as you breathe in and out. 
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This breathing technique can excite your body as you inhale and exhale slowly until you feel your body starts to relax. In every inhale, tense a muscle group. On the other hand, while exhaling, let those muscles relax. You can start with the bottom of your body, like your toes and slowly and continuously going upward reaching your neck. 

Adjusting and choosing which breathing technique is best for you can be done by trying them all or some to see which one suits you the most. One of the most important things in doing breathing exercises is to solely focus on your breathing.

If you need help managing stress and blood pressure level, master these breathing techniques as it is not only beneficial but also it is easy to do whenever and wherever you choose to do it. While practicing breathing exercises can be a habit, it can also be supported by regularly using a breathing training device

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