Slow Breathing: The Benefits For Your Health

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There are various methods to “cure” certain illnesses. Slow breathing is claimed to offer plenty of healthy benefits. Slow breathing has been studied to have benefits in both mind and body. It is believed that slow breathing techniques have gained popular recognition in the western culture due to their health benefits. However, this technique stays almost untouched by the medical community. 

Slow breathing technique is known to be a very competent way of lowering your blood pressure. When you perform the slow breathing technique, your heart rate slows down and relaxes the blood vessels -- which results in better and thorough circulation. Practicing slow breathing can lower down high blood pressure in the long run. 

What are the health benefits of regular slow breathing practice?

  • Reduces stress

Simple breathing exercises could effectively reduce stress by lowering your blood pressure. You can achieve that by performing slow breathing exercise. 

Stress can affect your mental and physical condition, particularly chronic stress. The more stressed out you are, the higher the blood pressure and heart rate.

Being stressed out can affect your immune system. When your immune system has been compromised, you become more prone to cold, numerous, infections, and higher risks of developing not only chronic health conditions but also other mental problems. 

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  • Relieves pain

Various studies and research have shown that slow breathing can deliberately reduce pain. This breathing technique is considered a pain reliever. Slow breathing is recommended by numerous health practitioners for those who experience illness and pain, both acute and chronic. 

Slow breathing technique works to relieve tense muscles -- which also works for relieving muscle pain. It is also an excellent method to relax your mind

  • Strengthens your immune system

Your immune system’s function can be improved by regularly practice slow breathing. The reason is that slow breathing helps encourage the part of the nervous system that promotes relaxation which can result in reduced inflammation throughout the body and improve how your immune system functions.  

  • Improves your concentration

Slow breathing techniques help optimize your brainwaves. Slow breathing calms and relaxes your mind as well as improves your concentration.

  • Relieves anxiety

People who experience anxiety will also find slow breathing helps with their anxiety. Practicing slow breathing daily can eventually lower your heart rate and calm the nerves. This breathing technique can be an efficient method not only to relieve but also prevent severe anxiety and panic attacks. 

Can technology help?

There are numbers of evidence of slow breathing. In the advanced technology era now, you can have access to breathing exercise devices that will help improve how you breathe. 

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