Steam Breathing With Counter Pressure: Why & How?

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For some people that are struggling with respiratory issues, they might find breathing to be burdensome. Breathing difficulties can be triggered by numerous different reasons such as asthma to lung disease. Some people do not always want to rely on medications to relieve their breathing problems. With our advanced technology, a steam inhaler is the better choice. The device works to create steam that you can inhale to feel a sense of relief from your symptoms. Steam inhalation is now becoming one of the most widely used home remedies to soothe and clear airway passage while your body fights off the sickness. This steam inhaler is also known as a breathing exercise device. 

How WellO2 device works and why it can improve your breathing

Breathing devices can be used for various purposes. WellO2 is a non-medical breathing exercise device with a combination of counter pressure and steam breathing for exhalation and inhalation. The steam formation is ensured with a double body structure that is designed to protect you from exposure to hot water. Our device is specifically designed to relieve breathing difficulties. 

The process will relieve inflammation and swollen blood vessels in your airway. As a result, you will breathe strongly from practicing breathing exercises as it will give you permanent relief and improve your overall health in the long run. The steam that comes from the breathing device has the purpose to introduce moisture that can gradually clear out your airway passages. The steam inhalation provides maximum relief to combat respiratory issues--making you breathe more easily and freely. 

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Benefits of WellO2 Breathing Exercise Device

WellO2 device is a portable and easy to use home remedy medical device. The way this device work is you inhale the water vapor from the hot water. The steam works to loosen the mucus in your airway, throat, and lungs. Steam inhalation helps your feel better while fighting against illnesses or infections. Besides being effective to heal the common cold, our breathing device with counter pressure can help you combat respiratory allergies and diseases while increasing the quality and capacity of your lungs. The better the quality and capacity your lungs have, the better and easier your breath is. 

Thanks to our modern technology, WellO2 is designed to be innovative and hassle-free steam inhalation with no side effects, unlike the traditional steam inhaling--done by covering your face with a towel while inhaling hot water vapor. Therefore, accidents and irritations are minimized. Steam breathing device with counter pressure can also strengthen voice WellO2 device has potentially improved voice quality with its revolutionary breathing device with steam and counter pressure. Breathing essentially becomes effortlessly and your well being will improve. 

Steam inhalation is considered a safe home remedy if done right and very much beneficial in order to avoid breathing difficulties. With our latest innovation, you can improve your lifestyle easily, and that is our main goal for society. If you’re interested in our breathing exercise device updates and possible future promo, join our WellO2 Australia breathing club.

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