The Benefits Of Improving The Way You Breathe

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When you are breathing, oxygen fills your body, clears a cloudy mind and helps strengthen the muscles. Proper breathing helps support your body to function the way it needs to. 

When you inhale and exhale, the muscles beneath your rib cage, known as the diaphragm, move upward and outward allowing the lungs to expand. As your lungs expand, the air goes through the nose and mouth down the trachea, then to your lungs -- transferring oxygen into the bloodstream as well as expelling carbon dioxide from your body. This process is repeated between 17.000-30.000 a day. 

Types of breathing and how they affect you

Breathing and the respiratory systems are closely associated with your mental and physical well-being. Your energy levels can either increase or decrease depends on how well you can control your breathing. 

  • Chest breathing. Expand your chest and rib cage while trying to keep your lower body still.
  • Belly breathing. Expand your stomach as you inhale and exhale while chest stays still.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing. You can simply do this method by moving your stomach in up and down motion

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When you work out hard and try to catch a breath, chest breathing occurs more frequently and more naturally. This is a normal response to the body and mind’s desire to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide

Belly breathing is a safe breathing technique. You can perform the belly breathing technique every day. However, while it calms you down, you do not have to breathe as deep as when you do when you perform diaphragmatic breathing technique. 

How to improve your way of breathing?

There are numerous structures involved when you take a deep breath. Great postures and full breaths can help in improving the way you breathe. 

  • Improve posture

To have good breath management, volume, and resonance -- you need a good posture. Whenever you feel exhausted or drained, try changing the way you sit. Reposition your body with your back straight. This will improve your breathing technique as more oxygen will enter your body -- ultimately it will reduce your brain fog. 

  • Exhale properly

When you exhale, you do not release all carbon dioxide in your body. This is probably because you are only focusing on mostly inhaling to improve your breathing and oxygen intake. Try to push all of the air out of your lungs -- doing so will supply more energy to your body. This can help improve your breathing’s efficiency. 

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