The Importance of Breathing Exercises In Singing

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The vocal quality of a singer can be significantly enhanced through breathing exercises. When you breathe properly, you will have a full and supported voice without having to strain yourself hard.  Exploring breathing exercise for singing is certainly a requirement for any aspiring vocalists.

The reason breathing becomes an essential part of singing is because of how it provides the sound quality and the volume level. You will not be able to make a sound if there’s inadequate  amount of air passing through your vocal folds. Poor breathing techniques will lead to poor vocal quality -- which is certainly something that you are not going after. 

Having a better breathing technique will allow you to have more control over your voice. Additionally, learning vocal breathing exercises will also help keep up your singing stamina. When you do not know how to breathe properly when singing, you will not be able to control your voice. 

Not only does singing require a collaborative effort, but also a wider range of breathing techniques. Through breathing exercises, you will be able to improve your overall vocal quality. 

Proper posture

The way you stand when you sing can determine the best way for you to breathe. For example, you are likely unable to take a deep breath if you are standing hunched over. Proper posture is not only important in aspects of improving the sound of your voice. The breathing efficiency can also be enhanced when you are singing in the right posture. You will be able to have more comfortable breaths from your diaphragm when you have optimized posture during singing.

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Vocal warm-up

Just like sports activities, a warm-up is a very important routine. When you perform vocal warm-up before singing, this will improve your muscles’ elasticity while removing mucus and reducing the possibilities of injury. Including vocal warm-ups as part of your singing routine will help keep your voice in shape. You will have strong breathing muscles if you do this consistently. 


Breathing exercise device

A breathing exercise device can improve your breathing performance -- which ultimately improves your singing, as well. When you use a breathing exercise device that combines counter pressure breathing and steam breathing, here are some benefits that you can get:

  • The impact of warm steam includes strengthened vocal cords and improved quality of voice. You can make the device as a vocal warm up essential, as well. 
  • Counter pressure breathing makes the respiratory muscles stronger and consequently affects the vocal resonance and durability.
  • The warm steam alleviates inflammation in the airways, moistens mucous membranes and transforms mucus into more liquid, so that you can cough it out more easily. 

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