Tips On How To Treat COPD

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Tips On How To Treat COPD

There are different health conditions that affect the lungs. One of them is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD, which is a health condition that disturbs an individual’s capability to breathe normally. It is commonly related to other health conditions such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, or a combination of both. COPD is a gradual lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. A big number of people are diagnosed with COPD, while the disease is unknown to a lot of other people that have it. 

Currently, there is still no cure to heal COPD. But the disease can be treated with treatments to increase your quality of life and to decelerate the advancement of the disease. However, there is promising research on these treatments to help treat this type of lung condition; one of them is breathing exercises for COPD.

Treating the disease by practicing breathing exercises for COPD specifically can help you manage the condition. Practicing a breathing exercise routinely, specifically to deal with COPD can help increase your energy during daily activities as well as conceivably increase your ability to exercise which can drive you to get more energy in the long run. 

These are five breathing exercises that can be principally helpful:

  1. Pursed lip breathing
  2. Coordinated breathing
  3. Deep breathing
  4. Huff cough
  5. Diaphragmatic breathing 

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If you have COPD, performing breathing exercises can also be supported by a breathing exercise device. WellO2 breathing device can help you cope with the disease that you can use as a healthier non-medicated option. Having this disease can cause breathing difficulty at times. With the WellO2 device, you can overcome the problems of getting as much air as you need through deep breathing. WellO2 is a powerful breathing device that can assist breathing and easy to be used anywhere and anytime which can undoubtedly treat and improve the health of people with COPD. 

How WellO2 devices work is they act as innovative airway clearing breathing devices that produce stream purposely to loosen mucus in your respiratory system. This device also works to provide some level of resistance that creates a certain pressure in your airways to open and move the mucus higher. As a result, mucus is easier to be coughed out and your airways are cleaner and clearer. 

WellO2 devices are non-medical steam breathing devices that are easy to use no matter what time or place. Initially, our device works like a combination between counter pressure exhaling and inhaling and steam breathing. The double structure this device holds, ensures balanced steam formation when the device is used that also protects the user from exposure to hot water. 

WellO2 breathing exercise device package includes the main device, power base, three mouthpieces, breathing regulator, extension hose, and a nasal mask making it the perfect device to support breathing exercises. If interested, make sure to not miss out on our updates and upcoming events by joining our WellO2 Australia breathing club for free. 

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