Treating Children with Breathing Difficulties

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It is not uncommon for children to have coughs and colds every so often. The coughs and colds are usually harmless and recover quickly. However, that doesn’t mean children cannot contract respiratory problems or have difficulty breathing that need immediate treatment. There are many reasons that can cause respiratory distress in children. It is usually caused by infections, chronic diseases, or a blocked airway. A greater risk of having breathing difficulties comes to a child who was birthed prematurely. 

Causes of breathing difficulties in children

  • Viral infections

Upper respiratory is affected when a viral infection is happening. This can cause cold and sore throats that are mild and heal in no time. Bronchiolitis and croup are examples of illness as a result of viral infections that sometimes may need treatment in a hospital. 

  • Bacterial infections

Similar to viral infections, this also affects the upper respiratory tract, that can cause illnesses such as epiglottitis and pneumonia. 

  • Asthma

Wheezing and shortness of breath are signs of asthma which specifically occur after a workout or at night. Asthma can cause difficulty breathing that may need urgent medical treatment.

  • Allergies 

Allergies are commonly known as a common cause of breathing problems, allergies affect the upper respiratory tract with symptoms such as discharge from the nose, sneezing, redness and sore eyes. 

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Steps to do if your child is having a difficulty breathing

  1. Keep calm. Stay calm and reassure your child to prevent panic and even more shallow breathing. 
  2. Comfortable environment. Keep your child comfortable in a comfortable position and calm environment, sitting up can help.
  3. Temperature check. If you feel your child has a fever, check their temperature
  4. Prevent dehydration. Encourage them to drink as much water as they can to prevent dehydration and keep their body cool and prevent dry and sore throat.
  5. Relieve congestion. Your child might experience a stuffy nose that is caused by mucus. Use saline drops to remove the mucus and relieve congestion. 
  6. Ease breathing. Moisture the air around your child using a humidifier or let them breathe in warm steam while sitting in the bathroom with hot shower running. 
  7. Use a breathing exercise device. Breathing exercise devices can help opening airways quickly with warm steam that comes out and cleanse the lungs, eliminate mucus, and lighten the airway inflammation that can help your child to breathe better in no time. 

The use of a high-quality breathing exercise device can give your child to stimulate their airways to open, fortifies breathing muscles which is advantageous particularly to those with breathing problems. 

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