What to Know about Box Breathing

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Square breathing or commonly known as box breathing is a technique used when taking slow, deep breaths. This technique is simple yet powerful that mainly aspires to return breathing to its normal rhythm. Box breathing technique is also beneficial to enhance performance and concentration while also reducing stress levels by clearing your mind, relaxing the body, and boosting focus. 

This technique is also known as four-square breathing which is easy to do and learn while being highly effective to practice for people in nerve-racking situations. Moreover, this technique is also used by everyone from athletes, soldiers, police officers, medical teams, and others with high-stress jobs. 

How to do box breathing technique? 

The first thing you may want to find is an ideal place that is comfortable where you can sit upright on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Put both your hands relaxed in your lap with the palms facing up. Being in a quiet setting while sitting up straight can help you focus on taking deep breaths. 

Step 1. Sit upright, slowly exhale through the mouth to eliminate oxygen from your lungs, and stay focus. 

Step 2. Deeply inhale through the nose and slowly count to four. Feel the air enter your lungs and move to the abdomen. 

Step 3. Hold your breath while slowly counting to four. Avoid clamping your mouth or nose shut. Step 4. Exhale slowly for the same period of time, expelling the air from your lungs. 

Step 5. Hold your breath for the same slow count of four and repeat these steps at least three times, or until you gain calmness. 

This practice is in no way challenging but if you find it hard since the beginning, you may try counting to three instead of four -- then, gradually increasing it to five or six. 

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The benefits of box breathing 

Box breathing is also known as “resetting breath” technique. It is done to work on making the breath leave fight-or-flight mode that is beneficial to the mind and body. Here are the benefits of box breathing technique : 

- Regulates compulsory body functions such as temperature. 

- Lowers blood pressure that can provide almost prompt calmness. 

- Reduces stress and improves mood. 

- Treats insomnia by calming your nervous system at bedtime. 

- Helps with pain management. 

The calmness and relaxed feeling for your mind and body is attained by slowly holding your breath allowing CO2 build up that enhances cardio-inhibitory response of the nerve when exhaling and stimulates a parasympathetic system.

When you have anxiety or health problems, it is recommended to do breathing techniques like box breathing. Doing box breathing regularly can help you calm your nerves and relieve stress. 

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