Why You Should Practice Breathing Exercises

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Paying attention and focusing on how you breathe can help calm the mind and body. From influencers to athletes, this practice has become a popular choice to improve breathing and your overall health. The idea of practicing breathing exercises is believed to be a stress reliever

Numerous health practitioners advise to have it as part of your daily routine similar to meditation or yoga sessions. Trying to add one more thing to your already full and busy schedule can be a hassle to anyone. Adding breathing exercises might seem hard at first, but practicing them can be a great alternative to improve your lifestyle. 

How It Brings Good Health Effects into Your Life

When you practice breathing properly, it is considered to be an interim to focus on getting air needed into your body. By performing the exercise, you are giving yourself a ‘break’. This helps reduce your stress, improve your energy, and reduce exhaustion, or as a reset-button moment. Not only practicing regularly can be used as a treatment, but it also can have long-lasting benefits. 

Taking a deep, slow, and methodical breath works wonders by stimulating the vagus nerve to trigger a sense of calming response in your body and mind. That calming response can slow down heart rate, let go of tensions, and calm your nervous system which alleviates stress and anxiety. 

When you focus on your breathing, you will put aside all the noisy thoughts running in your head. You can perform breathing exercises anywhere and anytime. When you are at work, try a short getaway into a break room or bathroom or just simply close your door shut, take a moment to focus, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose -- then exhale through your mouth. 

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These are simple exercises you can begin with:

Count your breaths

Inhaling and exhaling for a certain amount of time gives you a hold of the process, averting your attention away from unnecessary thoughts and back to your physical body. The arithmetic from this technique can soothe your mind. 

Nostril Switches

Try improving your body alertness by focusing on your breath. Meaningful breaths that you take can help you get more oxygen into your body that eventually sharpens your focus and makes you be able to concentrate better. This simple exercise fits as an alternative when you feel a little frazzled.

Scan Your Body

When you feel overwhelmed by work or school, it’s time to head to a quiet room and take stock of how you physically feel by scanning your body. Notice the tension your body is holding, soreness, exhaustion, then inhale and exhale to try to release all that. This scanning technique can help you physically feel better. 

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