Asthma or COPD

• COPD and asthma often lead to uneven and inefficient distribution of the inhaled air in the lungs. Resistant breathing is generally used to open the thin bronchioles, ie the smallest airways of the lungs, and thus improve ventilation.

• COPD and asthma are often associated with mucus accumulation in the airways. Steaming with WellO2 moisturizes the mucous membranes and helps to remove mucus from the airways.

• COPD is often associated with muscle weakness. Therefore, it is important to maintain the strength of the respiratory muscles, which is as important as drug treatment. WellO2 can be used to strengthen the respiratory muscles.

• For severe chronic lung disease, always consult your healthcare provider about using resistance breathing. If your doctor recommends PEP bottle / PEP breathing, you may want to use WellO2.

WellO2 compared to PEP bottle

WellO2 strengthens the breathing capacity of most people, while the PEP bottle provides too low resistance to give any major improvements (unless you are very weak, eg immediately after an operation).

WellO2 strengthens, dilates and cleanses the airways with respiratory resistance and hot steam.

Respiratory training is recommended by healthcare

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most common diagnoses for respiratory problems. In the treatment of asthma and COPD, mainly inhalable drugs are used. Today, however, it is considered that good physical condition is an important part of the treatment. As part of the treatment, respiratory physiotherapy is used, including respiratory muscle training. And many people appreciate inhaling hot water vapor which relieves irritation, and the expectorant effect which improves the condition of the mucous membranes.

WellO2 strengthens, dilates and cleanses the airways

WellO2 combines resistance breathing and steam breathing. The training of the respiratory muscles is self-care that increases the capacity of the lungs by strengthening the respiratory muscles and becoming more enduring. Symptoms of shortness of breath therefore decrease. The chest becomes more mobile and deep breathing becomes more efficient. An effective deep breathing or breathing via the diaphragm, activates the body's deep muscles. Deep breathing has several health effects that affect the vagus nerve, and also has a calming effect on mood and night sleep.

The steam from WellO2 is very atomized because it is a mixture of individual water molecules and hot air. The steam reaches the lower parts of the lungs together with the inhalation. And the hot steam dissolves the mucus which becomes easier to cough out. The resistance also causes the smallest trachea to open so that the breathing air is better distributed in the lungs.

Simple exercises to build and maintain breathing

capacity Exercises 5-15 minutes, 1-2 times daily during the first month, followed by 3 times / week (or if necessary) is enough for most people. WellO2 is ready to start in 2 minutes and the exercises quickly become a routine similar to brushing your teeth.