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Upgrade your sports performance with the WellO2 breathing exercise device.

Did you know?

1)  Around 30% of the energy of your body is used for breathing under heavy strain. in.

2) Your lungs shield themselves from the pressure caused by the strain on the airways by discharging mucus, particularly in the sport halls with dry air and when the outside air is cold

3) Mucus found in the profound area of the lungs can risk the lungs to get irritated and lead to potential diseases that weaken athletic performance.

WellO2 is a respiratory exercise device that reinforces, opens, and purifies the airways with warm steam and counter pressure breathing.

✔ Warm steam helps moisturise and warms the airways and transforms mucus into more liquid so it would be easy to cough out, reducing mucus and congestion. This minimise the risk of infections when you when training and competing 

✔ Steam breathing alleviates the inflammation of the airways, which potentially triggered by the air contaminants (dust, polluted air, bad quality of indoor air), too dry or cold air. 

✔ Breathing resistance fortifies the respiratory muscles and deep abdominal muscles. Moreover, breathing resistance practice has additionally appeared to enhance the exhalation and inhalation endurance and strength, as proved by researches.


"I use Wello as part of my training essentials, and I always take it with me in my bag to competitions and training camps. I consistently breathe in the warm steam, including to the upper respiratory tract with the assistance of the device’s nasal mask.

This usage is particularly significant during the flu season when the higher possibility of becoming ill. I have figured out how to remain fit particularly for the past  three training seasons. Using Wello has been one of my main preventive approaches to stay away from getting sick”

Krista Pärmäkoski
Member of the national cross-country ski team in Finland

"I use Wello to build up my endurance, maximum and speed quality of the respiratory muscles in order to acquire more significant breathing effectiveness and economy. As someone who suffers from asthma, the warm steam has been beneficial in overcoming the symptoms, which means the condition no longer restricts my performance. It has additionally helps keep the upper respiratory tract infections and treat their symptoms. I have discovered that respiratory exercise with heavy resistance enhances my posture, expands the support of the midsection, and strengthens training and the safety of heavy lifting too. 

These 'Savo bagpipes' have become an imperative aspect of my training – an incredible discovery to support many."

Joel Naukkarinen

"My coach introduced me to Wello. I was informed that Aulis Kärkkäinen (the inventor of WellO2) from Kiuruvesi has created something for reinforcing respiratory capacity. The factor behind why breathing is essential for me, other than for remaining alive, is that the rhythm of breathing controls my running pace and if I have stronger breathing capacity, the more oxygen the muscles get and lactic acid is not produced too fast. As an athlete, I find it significant that I have strong muscles and, for me, my lung muscles are as vital as my biceps or hamstrings or perhaps more important! 

During winter, one trains and matches in venues with bad air quality and this is the drawback of training in dry indoor air. This is where I get the Wello2 device from my training bag and breathe in and out deeply. I want to share the message of Wello to track-and-field athletes of all ages and to every other athlete. I suggest you try Wello. Remember to breathe!"

Sara Francis

"I initially found out about Wello last year and I began utilizing just in time before the spring season began. I was the first one in our group who began to test Wello.  needed to check whether it would relieve my spring allergy reactions. Wello managed to help my symptoms of stuffy nose triggered by allergies, and help me breathe more easily.  

After longer use of Wello, I realized the advantages it brought when I ran between the bases. As a base runner, it is particularly essential for me that I can breathe effectively and that my muscles obtain proper amounts of oxygen, since I have to run at greatest speed mostly during a competition."

Ida Lähde
Finnish baseball player

"A friend recommended WellO2 to me, particularly in light of the fact that I suffer from asthma. I engage in powerlifting and bodybuilding. I spent most of my spare time at the gym in Bellanranta, Kuopio. 

WellO2 has increased my oxygen uptake and reduced mucus secretion. Air appears to stream better in my lungs after using WellO2. I have to admit that using the device gives me immediate impacts. The impact starts after about 15-30 minutes."

Juuso Miettinen