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Strengthens Voice
Cleanses Lungs Effectively
Strengthens Respiratory Endurance
Opens Airways
Product Reviews

A product that really works!

This is my third review on WellO2. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product at least twice a day. I live opposite the Botanical Gardens, but usually avoid walking there in spring as the pollen irritates my throat and lungs. However, since I have been using the WellO2, I have started walking in the Gardens again, and it has been so much easier to cope with the pollen. A coincidence it may be, but the results speak for itself. Many people take for granted the ability to breath which comes naturally but for someone like me, who also rely on various puffers, breathing is something that I do not take for granted. Anything that helps and makes it easier for me to breath and to enjoy a better lifestyle, I would certainly try. The WellO2 in this case has helped me tremendously in many ways.

Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Has definitely helped my sleep quality

I personally don’t have any respiratory issues but had problems with proper sleeping at night. So 6 weeks ago I was introduced to Well02 and almost immediately I noticed change- when I went to bed ,I woke up in the morning rather than during the night- possibly due to snoring. This has made me more energetic and fresher for the whole day. The Well02 has definitely helped me by giving me good night sleeps and thus more energetic feeling due to that.

Sydney, NSW

Better sleep

I have now been using wello2 for last 6 weeks on and off but in the last 3 weeks I have been doing it everyday since my wife has noticed I haven't been snoring as much and I am waking up feeling a lot more energised.

Sydney, NSW

5 Minutes of Breathing Exercise A Day

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the story behind wellO2

An innovation to help you live better, feel better, and breathe better.

Everything began from one man's journey in battling against his breathing problems.