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Product Reviews

My son in law gave me this product as a gift for my birthday, he told me it would help with my breathing since I have asthma. The first week of using it, I experienced some shortness of breath which I expected since I have had previous medical treatment for my asthma and it always came during the first days of treatment.

I started to experience the benefit after using it for about 2 weeks. It's very apparent because I'm a part of a prayers' recital group and I notice I can recite my prayers without having to stop as much! Even my friends in the group noticed!

I am very satisfied and I am going to increase both the temperature and the resistance to get even stronger! Thank you, WellO2!

Sydney, NSW

I believe I was one of the first people in Australia to trial this wellness breathing machine in the last 6 weeks since it has arrived. I suffer from a Chronic cough and asthma and found this machine to be so helpful. At first it really aggravated my cough and I was advised this was quite normal. I persevered and with in a week my breathing improved so much, my voice was much clearer and when I exercised I found I didn't feel short of breath. Another bonus was I slept so much better. The benefits are so worth while for me.

Sydney, NSW

I've been trying this equipment for four weeks now, not wanting to evaluate on the basis of first impressions however positive. Now, I can confidently say that this equipment is a very useful adjunct to your respiratory specialist's advice and support. Forty mindless years of smoking and a couple of bouts of pneumonia that convinced me to quit smoking left me with compromised lungs. This equipment is very clearly helping my lungs get stronger and a little more flexible around the scarring. I am breathing more easily and finding the exercises easier even as I gradually increase the settings. I'll obviously be interested to see if I continue to improve but I'm already the best I've felt at hay fever season for years. I recommend this for your consideration if you have respiratory issues that structured breathing exercise might assist.


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Everything began from one man's journey in battling against his breathing problems.