If you suffer from breathing conditions like Asthma and COPD, you can use WellO2 device in addition to any other medicine/treatment prescribed by your doctor. Please always consult your doctor.

The Importance of exercise for Athletes


Ordinary activities become a burdening task such as climbing steps, bringing shopping bags, or getting up from a seat


Unable to take a deep breath


Sleeping problems and breathing difficulties at night

How WellO2 can help Athletes


The warm steam reduces inflammation in the airways, moisturizes mucous membranes, and transforms mucus into more liquid so it would be simpler to cough out, therefore it will improve your health and quality of life.


Warm steam reduces mucus and blockage, minimizing the danger of respiratory diseases.


Counter pressure breathing also helps strengthen respiratory muscles and improves the quality of inhalation and exhalation

How Proper Breathing Can Improve Sports Performance for Athletes

Taking a deep breath might not seem like a big deal. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. What could possibly be simpler than this? Is there anything more convenient? Because we continue to breathe whether or not we are aware of it, it may appear as though there is no reason to practice different types of breathing. 

However, considering that oxygen is the most critical nutrient for life and that respiration is the process by which we receive all of that life-sustaining oxygen into our cells, perhaps examining how we breathe is worthwhile.

In sports, the way we breathe can have a significant impact on your sports performance. However, it is not just the act of breathing during sports that might help you become more concentrated and strong. 

Practicing breathing exercises for athletes in the lead-up to an event, or a race can help combat nervousness, insomnia, and other variables, giving you a significant advantage on the big day.

Breathing Mechanism: What You Need to Know

Breathing exercises for athletes can help improve your overall well-being and productivity. One of the fundamental pillars of performance is proper breathing. Since breathing is essential for life and performance, it will always be a crucial part of your life. First, we need to understand how breathing works

The diaphragm, the muscle that controls the endless cycle of breathing and exhaling, is located deep within the abdominal wall. When we inhale, our diaphragm tightens and flattens, drawing air into our lungs. The ribs expand and pull up and out as the lungs fill. The diaphragm then relaxes during the exhale, the abs contract and draw the ribs back down, and the air exits our lungs.

The process of respiration is unique, because most people don't pay attention to breathing, but we can control it both with our minds and with our bodies. When you're an athlete, paying attention to when and how you breathe can have a lot of good things happen. Thoracic flexibility, abdominal and core strength, and a full diaphragmatic range of motion from contraction to relaxation are all necessary for proper breathing.

Breathing Exercises for Athletes​​

Everyone can benefit from learning a few simple breathing exercises for athletes that train the abdominal muscles and diaphragm to work together for proper breathing in and out. 

These exercises are not only good for athletes and sports performance but also sleep apnea, insomnia, shortness of breath, asthma, COPD, and other respiratory health problems as well as improving breathing muscles efficiency and performance

Here are several sports-specific breathing exercises for athletes you can use on a regular basis to improve your performance.

Wall Sit With Deep Breathing

As you sit against the wall in the wall-sitting position, extend your arms out in front of you and focus on deep, long breaths. Breathe in for a count of five, then exhale for a count of five to clear your lungs.

Due to the neutral posture of your spine against the wall, this breathing exercise for athletes forces you to use your diaphragm and abs to conduct inhalation and exhalation, rather than your spine, neck, or shoulders. Additionally, you'll get a fantastic quad burn.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is the natural way for babies to breathe, with their bellies rising and falling with each breath. This is in stark contrast to adults, who breathe fully through the top region of their trunk. Not only is it great as a breathing exercise for athletes, diaphragmatic breathing is also helpful to fix a number of respiratory problems. 

Diaphragmatic breathing has a plethora of physiological and psychological benefits. Most significantly, it stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our bodies' relaxation and digestion. It conserves energy, lowers the pulse rate, and relaxes us in general. 

Additionally, it stimulates the immune system, promotes circulation, digestion, and energy. Psychologically, diaphragmatic breathing also helps us maintain a sense of grounding, serenity, and focus.

Abdominal Hollowing

Abdominal hollowing is a core stabilization breathing exercise for athletes that strengthens the core muscles. Standing tall or lying on your back, clenching and drawing in the abdominal muscles without shifting the pelvis or spine is how it's done. 

Take a deep breath in to begin. Draw the belly button back towards the spine as you exhale. Slowly inhale after holding for five counts. You can perform this breathing exercise several times a day. In order to achieve a full and complete expiration during respiration, this movement activates the deep core stabilizers.

4×4 Box Breathing

Practicing this breathing exercise for athletes before bedtime is a great way to wind down. Box breathing will induce a parasympathetic state in your athletes, which will help to relax the brain and nervous system before bedtime. 

The distinction with this exercise is that it incorporates breath holds. "4x4" denotes a four-second inhale followed by a four-second hold, a four-second exhale, and another four-second breath hold. Repeated box breathing for 3-5 minutes before bedtime can help athletes get the quality and quantity of sleep they desire.

Perform Breathing Exercises with a Breathing Exercise Device

People often experience breathing problems such as breathlessness, finding ordinary activities such a burdening task like climbing steps, bringing shopping bags, or getting up from a seat, and sleeplessness. 

Breathing exercise devices are ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining your respiratory fitness that can help fix those problems. 

WellO2 has been proven to be quite beneficial for individuals seeking professional efficiency. Deep breaths using breathing exercise devices help to expand the tiny air sacs in your lungs and help clear mucus from the airways. This, in turn, can aid in the prevention of fluid buildup in the lungs.

If you’re trying to improve the quality of your breathing or breathing exercises for athletes, a respected and well known breathing device, WellO2, is the best choice that can be a game changer to help take your athlete or sports performance to the next level. 

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What do they say?

First-hand real reviews from people who have benefited from using the WellO2

From asthma to COPD, WellO2 has been revered by the users to help alleviate symptoms relating to many types of breathing difficulties.

WellO2 has helped our users to recreate their lifestyle of better breathing by only exercising with the WellO2 device for 5 minutes everyday. By using the Nordic Breathing of WellO2 combining steam and counter-pressure technologies, our users have regained the quality of breathing they used to have in the past.

WellO2 is currently undergoing a clinical study in Tampere, Finland for Asthma and COPD
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