Pollen allergy and cold symptoms

How WellO2 Works - Breathing Exercise For Cold & Allergies

  • Relieves respiratory irritation with the help of water vapor. The hot steam moistens the mucus membranes and bind small particles that disappear along with the mucus. The mucus becomes more fluid and easier to cough out.
  • It helps dissolve mucus in the upper respiratory tract. Relieves nasal congestion due to reaction of pollen or cold.
  • Exercise of the respiratory muscles improves respiratory capacity by strengthening the respiratory muscles and opening the deeper airways.

WellO2 strengthens, dilates, and cleanses the airways with respiratory resistance and hot steam. Pollen and air pollutants contribute to respiratory irritation and reduce the body's ability to transport away mucus and particles that can contribute to allergic reactions. 

With WellO2 you can prevent and relieve irritation in the airways, and reduce the harmful effects of air particles.

With the help of the hot water vapor, the mucus in the mucus membranes becomes more liquid. It will be easier to get rid of the mucus that has accumulated in the airways that bind impurities such as microbes and other particles from the respiratory air. 

The mucus is the airways' natural defense mechanism against external stimulus and it continuously excreted in the airways and lungs. The cilia in the mucus membranes removes contaminants that have accumulated in the airways. 

The steam from WellO2 is a mixture of water molecules and hot air. The steam reaches the lower parts of the lungs with the inhalation. It will also cause the smallest trachea to open so that the air is better distributed into the lungs.

How To Perform Breathing Exercise

You can perform breathing exercises in 5-15 minutes, 1-2 times daily during the first month, followed by 3 times/week (or more if necessary). WellO2 is ready to help you improve your health.