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Singers and voice care


Power up your voice with the WellO2 breathing exercise device.

Here are the 3 most basic reasons why you might have a difficulty using your voice:

1) Superficial breathing due to stress: You only breathe using the top of your lungs. Your neck and shoulders muscles are forced to support you.

2) Indoor air pollutants: When you are exposed to poor indoor air quality for a long time, it will cause the inflammation of the airways, build-up of mucus, voice changes, and may lead to obstructed airways

3) Symptoms of flu: Nasal congestion caused by cold and mucus secretion will lower your voice

WellO2 is a respiratory exercise device that reinforces, opens, and purifies the airways with warm steam and counter pressure breathing.

✔ The warm steam alleviates inflammation in the airways, moistens mucous membranes and transforms mucus into more liquid, so that you can cough it out more easily. 

✔ Moreover, the impact of warm steam includes strengthened vocal cords and improved quality of voice. The device additionally serves to warm up your voice. 

✔ Counter pressure breathing makes the respiratory muscles stronger and consequently affects the vocal resonance and durability.


“Let me tell you all what I think about WellO2 after using Wello for a couple of weeks in the morning and evening. To begin with, I do 10-15 inhalations and set the blow to no. 2. After that, I put on the nasal mask and do 10 inhalations and blow with the mouth. My oxygen uptake is certainly better at this point. In the morning, I clearly release more impurities (dust, old cigarette buildup, and so on, which show up as dark spots) when hacking up. 

My voice has powered up now, particularly when I do half of the blows with a simple sound. Obviously, this is all simply my personal opinion. The results may vary from vocal cord to vocal cord. Nevertheless, I believe that it is more likely that you will have excellent results from using WellO2”

Marco Hietala

"I have been a professional singer for 18 years and I have to say that Wello will definitely be an excellent asset on tour. The device improves my breathing quality, tone up my abdominal muscles. and most of all, helps warm up and moistens my instrument whenever I have to perform evening gigs.

I personally experience the painful effects of dry vocal cords each time I have to perform in modern venues with dry-air conditions. This is particularly a real issue and dangerous for me when I go on longer tours. Even from a short experience, I can say that Wello is a superb solution to my tour concerns. I highly recommend it!"

Tony Kakko
Singer, Sonata Arctica

"The WellO2 breathing device is truly beneficial for vocalists. At the point when you use the device to start warming up your voice, it doesn't take such a long time. The device releases tension on the vocal cords, moistens the mucous membranes, and opens and clears out the upper respiratory tract. My respiratory muscles are strengthened. Not only strengthening, the device also provides more breathing capacity to the lungs.  The oxygen seems to flow better and the song has more power.  What an incredible device!"

Antony Parviainen