The 5 Minute Solution For Your Breathing Problems

Open and clean your airways with WellO2

6 Common Causes Of Breathing Problems

1) Rhinitis

2) Cold

3) Nasal congestion

4) Cough

5) Mucus build-up

6) Shortness of breath

How Our Breathing Training Device Benefits You

✔ Warm steam loosens mucus to be more liquid, which will help you cough it out more easily.

✔ Additionally, warm steam moistens the mucous membranes of the airways and reduces airways swelling.

✔ Resistance breathing reinforces the respiratory muscles and makes a deeper way for the warm steam to get into the airways

✔ Steam acts as a vessel to transport ventolin into your lungs more deeply, this could make the medication more effective for asthmatics.


"It has been a couple of months since I tried Wello and I can tell how satisfied I've been with the device! Numerous people were curious about how come I have been feeling so well despite the fact that I have been making a trip to various places throughout the spring, at the blooming time which is also considered as "most awful", without experiencing stuffy nose and sneezing!"

Noora L

"I had gone through asthma tests last year, which resulted in negative results. Nevertheless, my wheezing remained when strained and I was not yet recommended for additional asthma tests. I've certainly been a 'shallow breather', and now I don’t experience wheezing and shortness of breath anymore when I run, I feel that the air is going right to the most profound area of my lungs. I've been utilizing this excellent breathing device for 3 weeks. The formula is: 5 minutes each at the beginning of the day and before the day ends. I am convinced of the efficacy of the device!"

Leena P

"At this point, my husband and I have been using the breathing device for a week and a half. My husband no longer suffers from aching shoulder pain around evening time after using the device for a couple of days, and even during the day, he feels less miserable than before. Wheezing has likewise diminished. As for me, I can admit that this gadget is 'the bee's knees'. Two consecutive job areas needed to close their doors because of indoor air issues, and the doctor already told me to avoid the third one. I began the respiratory activities with 0-resistance and at the beginning I just had the power to inhale once at a time since I needed to take rests in the middle. 

On the following three days of breathing activity, I went to take the dog for a night walk and after about half a kilometre I took a break to realise that something was bizarre. And then I was aware that I had strolled energetically the whole way without having difficulty in breathing, while I used to be experiencing nasal congestion after a couple dozen meters and needed to change my walking speed properly. Nowadays, I can inhale with resistance level 2 and my breathing is doing fine, and so are my movements”

Maija H

"I've been gaining benefits of WellO2 for a couple of months now. The device was significantly helpful in eliminating the excess build-up of mucus. Every now and then, I managed to just consistently breathe in the steam a few times and exhale it through my nose. Afterwards, I would do a few resistant blows into the cylinder. This method appeared to soften the mucus, then remove it. I discovered that whenever I use the device, it is best if I do the respiratory exercises as consistently as possible by breathe normally once in a while

Now I keep the device for daily use. I advise those who have gained advantages by PEP respiratory exercises, to also use this device, in a truly advantageous, way resistance breathing with the healing and mucus softening effects of the steam. It alleviates, opens the airways, and helps remove the mucus."

Eeva P