Improve breathing with WellO2

Common Issues For The Elderly Due To Breathing Difficulties :

  • Going up the stairs or carrying a lunch bag feels tiring
  • Respiration is sometimes weak and sometimes shallow/intense 
  • Sleep is interrupted/it is difficult to sleep

Respiratory capacity decreases with age. Muscle strength also deteriorates, from the age of 65 it decreases by 1.5–2 percent per year. When the respiratory muscles weaken, we become more easily out of breath. The chest becomes less agile and the posture of the thoracic spine is compressed, both factors lead to the diaphragm not being able to function optimally.

These factors contribute to breathing problems as we get older, which reduces the possibility of living healthy, further reduces muscle strength, and weakens your general condition, but breathing exercise with WellO2 can break the spiral.

How To Deal With Breathing Problems?

When you perform breathing exercises regularly the muscles are strengthened and shortness of breath is reduced. The chest becomes more agile and the diaphragm works better. Effective deep breathing through the diaphragm activates the body's deep muscles to support the spine. Deep breathing has many health effects that affect the vagus nerve, with a calming effect on mood and help sleep better at night

WellO2 strengthens, dilates, and cleanses the airways with respiratory resistance and hot steam. You can perform simple breathing exercise with WellO2 to improve and maintain breathing capacity with 5-15 minutes for 1-2 times daily during the first month, followed by 3-5 times/week or more if necessary.