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Does WellO2 Breathing Exercise Work?

Why don’t we ask the users directly? WellO2 is a breathing trainer made in Scandinavia and loved by Australians.

From asthma to COPD, WellO2 has been revered by the users to help alleviate symptoms relating to many types of breathing difficulties.

WellO2 has helped our users to recreate their lifestyle of better breathing by only exercising with the WellO2 device for 5 minutes everyday. By using the Nordic Breathing of WellO2 combining steam and counter-pressure technologies, our users have regained the quality of breathing they used to have in the past.

WellO2 is currently undergoing a clinical study in Tampere, Finland for Asthma and COPD

Who Should Use the WellO2

The WellO2 has been known to be very helpful with seniors with these conditions:

Shortness of Breath
Lung Deffinciency
Degrading of Breathing Muscles
Sleeping Issues or Snoring
Lengthy Exposure to Bad Air Quality through environment & smoking

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& Allergies

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Snoring/Sleep Apnoea

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